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Sermon Series May 16 – June 6

What’s Next in your life? We all are in somewhere in life with a step to take. This 4-week series is about finding where you are and the step that God has for you to take. 

Sermon Series April 11 – May 9

Just because they are called minor prophets does not mean their message is unimportant. Remember, you might meet somebody named Amos or Malachi in heaven and will be asked, “What did you think of my book?” 

Sermon Series March 7 – April 4

There are several individuals in the Easter story we consider villains. Yet the gospels remind us that Christ died EVEN for THEM! 

Sermon Series February 14-28

What do you need to pray about? What do you do after you pray? How do you tap into the power of prayer? How do you handle talking to your Creator and God?  That’s prayer! 

Sermon Series January 3 – February 7

The beginning of the New Year provides us with a great opportunity to hit the reset button of our lives. We can all agree 2020 was difficult, stressful and filled with frustration. Hitting reset does not return us to the way things use to be. It takes us into the future. 

Sermon December 27

God calls us to keep Him as our highest priority. Sudden life changes offer us a chance to realign our value system to better reflect God’s ways.  

Sermon Series December 6-20

The anticipation might be as much fun as Christmas itself.  Isaiah lived 700 years before Christ.  His prophetic statements about Jesus look forward with anticipation to God’s arrival on earth. 

Sermon Series November 1 – 29

Nobody ever said the best part of the journey was waiting at baggage claim to pick up your luggage.  If life is a journey, we all carry some baggage. Each week in this series we will take a look at different pieces of luggage we drag behind us throughout our lives and let God help us deal with it. 

Sermon Series September 20 – October 25th

Since our our mission as a church is to HELP ALL PEOPLE FIND AND FOLLOW JESUS, 
we plan to look at some gospel stories in which people found Jesus and some stories where people helped others find Jesus.
Our goal is to become motivated to find Jesus once again and help others find Him as well

Sermon Series August 30th – September 13

This series is asking you to love unconditionally even if we disagree politically.
This series is not asking you to change your political party or your political views.
It is intended to make all of us think about how we respond to our family, friends and coworkers in the in this political climate. Your candidate will win or lose based on how the people of this country vote on a On a single Tuesday day in November, but the church will win and lose based on our behavior every day every single day.

Sermon Series May 31st – August 2nd

In just four short chapters the book of Philippians addresses having an attitude of joy, being content, remaining faithful, serving others, showing generosity and numerous other issues we deal with on a weekly basis. The Apostle Paul encourages us that NO MATTER WHAT— No matter what happens, No matter what we do have or don’t have, No matter how easy or difficult life becomes— No matter how little or how many friends we have…. No matter what– We live a life worthy of Jesus Christ.

Sermon Series April 19th – May 24th

Jesus never promised his follower’s lives would be problem free. In fact he said the opposite in “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart I have overcome the world.” God never promises to simply remove problems from our lives either. What scripture does teach is that God will be with us in the chaos. This teaching series will give us a weekly reminder that the Power of God within us is greater than the problems of the world around us. God offers calm in the middle of the world’s chaos.

 Sermon Series April 5th & 12th

Hope is only as strong as the object in which we place our hope. When we put our hope in the Cleveland Browns making the super bowl we quickly realize the object in which we are placing our Hope is not very strong. When we place out Hope in Jesus Christ, it is a whole different story. This Easter we celebrate the Hope of the Resurrection found only in Jesus Christ.

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