We like to use these four chairs to illustrate what it looks like to follow Jesus. We have noticed that people need to initially feel like they belong. This helps us put our beliefs in proper perspective with the Bible. Our Biblical beliefs will direct the way we behave. Eventually we become an example for others to follow.
A person in the Belong chair makes an appearance. Have you ever noticed how many people show up in the presence of Jesus who do not have their stuff together? They are welcomed by Jesus. Religious Leaders freak out when people like Mary Magdalene or Matthew the tax collector make an appearance and become followers of Jesus. Even the Disciples struggle when Jesus talking woman at well of Sychar who has a bad
reputation. (John 4) Jesus actions made a huge statement that … “They Belong!” We all do
A person in the Believe Chair must make a decision. Jesus always called people to “follow me”. Everyone had to decide, “will I follow? Or will I not?” We all must decide to trust Jesus and follow Jesus. Accepting Jesus into
your life involves recognizing Jesus as your savior and trusting him enough to follow Him. Jesus asks all of us to make a decision
A person in the Behave chair makes a change. Jesus changes people.
This behavior change is not about earning God’s favor. He will never love you more than he already does. This chair is about living out your faith not earning God’s favor. James 2:17… Faith without action is a dead faith!
A person in the Become chair makes a difference. Jesus said “when a student is fully trained he will become like his teacher.” Luke 6:40
Many people fool themselves into thinking the become chair is about some super spiritual level of perfection. IT IS NOT! Become is about progress not perfection. It is great to see the Apostle Paul write to the Philippian church and say I am nowhere near the perfection of Christ. But I press on towards it. I forget what is behind and live to become one day what Jesus saved me to be. Philippians 3:12-14